Function as a service (FaaS) and Serverless.

FaaS or Functions as a Service  is a relatively new concept that allows us to use functions that will run in a  stateless container when an event has occurred  for the purpose of  managing server side logic and state through the use of services . FaaS gives us the ability to deploy a function. This functions are triggered by events that the user had configured the function to respond to.  Examples of some FaaS providers are AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google cloud Firebase

Serverless on the other hand allows us to focus more on application logic rather than focus on infrastructure. The term Serverless architecture doesn’t mean that servers are not being used but that developer do not need to managed server software or hardware. Allocation or resources and management is done by cloud provider.

FaaS comes handy for task scheduling, processing of web request , creation of web applications and backends. It benefits include saving money on resource utilization, Automated high availability and minimal infrastructure concern.


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